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2013 Writing Prompt is: "The funniest thing happened in Auburn"

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Maybe We Hold On Too Tight

(Summer in Auburn)


It's one of those

hot summer days,


the kind you dream about

in January,

where the sun feels

benevolent and oppressive

at the same time,

and the blacktop softens

and begins to stick

to your flip-flops.


It's the kind of day

where the ice cream man

makes his living,

and the kids wear the results

on their faces,

and dripping down their arms.


It's the type of day

where the heat

wrings you out

like a sponge,

and you don't even realize

you've been sweating.


A day

you never want to end,

though you do appreciate it

when the sun begins

to dip below the horizon.


Around here,

unlike many places,

we only get

a few of these days a year,

less than a fistful,

so we savor them like sweets,

luxuriate in their exoticness,

and hold on to each and every second,


like that ice cream cone,

it melts away

in the palm of our hands.


James Rodgers


Auburn Days

Collection of Reflections

The Purpose:

To write to the prompt of "The funniest thing happened in Auburn"



To bring together a collection of stories and poetry about past history, present experiences  and current happenings for Auburn, a most unique community.


It will be bound in a note book for posterity each year and distributed during Auburn Days.


The invitation was open to all ages and as you will see, all ages participated. From all walks of life and all attitudes in the universe, came the entries.


The common threads, however, were  the good that lives in Auburn people, the pride with which they view our town and the appreciation for the opportunity to live here.


Enjoy this group of talented writers, both professional and novice. Judge not the grammar or the context but the content of the tales and the impact they had on a life.


Thank you,

Connie Henke






P.O. Box 2311

Auburn, WA 98071-2311




Auburn Days Collection of Reflections will become a permanent part of the Valley Gazette website.


The body of Valley Gazette will change and  have a different format than what you see here but will provide the link to this section of the website.


The Valley Gazette will be appearing after the Auburn Days Festival and will provide a venue for local writers to submit their stories and poetry.


Please check back later for details on submission rules and regulations.


All entries in this website are the sole responsibility of the author and is not an endorsement of content by Valley Gazette, Auburn Days or this editor.


I would like to encourage you at this time to "look for the stories in life". As a great local writer C.H. Malesis once pointed out in his book, "Where the Trilliums Bloom", life passes too quickly and when you are at the end of the trail, the memories are what made your life.

(See Reflections page 6 for a reprint of the story)




I had to ask myself, when was the last time I saw a Trillium?  (which was truly my favorite flower as a child) Are they still there or do I just forget to look for them? Share with me if you have seen one lately. Would you please?






P.O. Box 2311

Auburn, WA 98071-2311